Eco House

Eco Homes – research guide

  • Section 1 – pick one way you can do each thing. When you have picked that method – research and make notes on it.
  • Section 2 – pick extra features you want to include and make notes on them

1. Focus Features:

  • Prevent heat loss: Insulation: High levels of insulation
  • Use renewable energy sources: Energy sources such as solar, thermal, wind, biomass and/or eco electric companies
  • Use eco-friendly building materials: Natural materials and an avoidance of plastics

2. Extra features:

Year 4 – Volcanoes (catch-up)



General information

Mount Tambora


Mauna Loa



Mount Etna

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Facts & Worksheets

Learning at home

I will use this page to post additional links to resources and activities. There will also be work set on Seesaw so don’t forget to check there.

Get some exercise – everyday!
Maths games – give it a try.
Scratch Junior, a great introduction to coding.

More fun exercise games.

Fun and educational links

These links are to fun educational sites. Try them out!


Ask Jeeves– a safe search engine especially designed for children to use

BBC bitesize

BBC – create and make

Games to promote healthy eating

Educational games  for children up to 14 years and parent information

Red Foxes

fox pic

Check these websites to help you research: